Press Invitation for June 10

All members of the media are invited to attend a press conference by the Cambodian Grassroots People’s Assembly (CGPA) on “Make Human Rights and Democracy Real in Cambodia.

When: Monday June 10, 2013

Time:  At 10:00 AM

Venue:  Meta House, on Sothearos Blvd in Phnom Penh.

Purpose and process: The Cambodian Grassroots People’s Assembly is a follow-up series of Assemblies following ASEAN Grassroots People’s Assembly (AGPA) 13-16th November 2012.

Organizers: A cross-sector alliance of community networks, association and organizations has been working together since 2011 to support space and voice for grassroots people to speak directly and publicly about the problems they face and advocate for solutions. Previously this alliance has presented a joint statement to the Cambodian National Assembly as part of AGPA.

What we want from to achieve

Since that time the National Assembly and the Royal Government of Cambodia have failed to respond to the statement and in some cases the issues present have only worsened. The CGPA is asking that politicians of all parties commit to solid, equitable solutions. To that point, the CGPA will be hosting a series of events over the next few weeks to which politicians from all parties will be invited. It is hoped that they attend so that the CGPA and its members may present their causes and solutions.

For Press Enquiries please contact:

Gregory Pellechi – Media Liaison
Tel: +855 (0)976 978 064
Facebook:  Cambodian Grassroots People’s Assembly
Twitter: @CamboAssembly


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