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Speakers at June 10 Press Conference:

1. Mr. Vorn Pov, President of Independent and Democracy of Informal Economic Association (IDEA), Phnom Penh 012534796
2. Miss. Ly Pisey, Social Action for Change (SAC), Phnom Penh, 012288138
3. Miss. Kim Rady, Workers Information Center (WIC), Phnom Penh, 092 558735
4. Mr. Prach Bunthoeun, Farmers Association for Peace and Development (FAPD), Prey Veng, 016 651413, 088 979 0091
5. Mr. Ek Vithean, Spean Chheh community (eviction), Preah Sihanouk, 012 227 967
6. Ms. Yin Pech, Phnom Kuk Network, Kg. Chhnang, 012 341 757
7. Mr. Chhim Chandy, IDEA Siem Ream, 092 745593
8. Mr. Sim Sopanha, Fishery Network, Boeung Tunle Sab, Kg. Chhnang, 092 560 012
9. Taeng Kao, Sugar Justice Network, Koh Kong, 092 327 793
Northern Region Key Organizers: Kg. Chhnang 13-14 June 2013 (Kg. Chhnang, Battambang, Pursat, BMC) 
Yin Pech Phnom Kuk Network, Kg. Chhnang012 341 757 She is 41 years old. She is a widow with one son. She is a farmer and community leader to protect land and forest. She has been actively involved in community work for many years. Pheapi Mex has received very large economic land concessions for plantation in Kg. Chhnang and Pursat province. The concession is covered about 315 028 hectares (appr. 171824 hectares in Kg. Chhnang, 143 204 hectares in Pursat province). It affects more than thousands of families in 8 districts (5 districts in Kg. Chhnang, 3 districts in Pursat). The affects include farming land, forestry land, catering area and NTFP collection for people’s income. In 2004, there was a successful struggle by the people against the company which push the company to relax for a while. However, during the struggle, some people got injured of the bomb.Later on in 2010, the company has returned and re-started clearing land and planting. Then, people started to re-organize and continue their struggle again up to now. The Phnom Kuk community networks are demanding for the cancellation of the ELC, for social land concession for the people and forest protection.
Pinh Art Phnom Kuk Network, Kg. Chhnang017 329 282 She is 50 years with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She has been involved in the struggle against Phea Pi Mex since 2000. She is a farmer and generating income from the forest such as fruit, wood, potatoes, …
Chhoeun Sao Phnom Kuk Network, Pursat097 8438 698089 648 553 She is 30 years. She has 8 siblings and is the oldest daughter in the family. She is a farmer and also generating income from the forest such as fruit, wood and potatoes. She join the community since 2002 because she is so worried about the loss of the land and forest.
Sim Sophanha Fishery network, Kg. Chhnang092 560 012 He is 52 years old with more than 10 years involvement in community work on fishery issues. He is one of the key leaders of fishery network in Kg. Chhnang. He understands very well the situation and issues happening to Boeung Tonle Sap. Currently, community people around Boeung Tonle Sap are facing the difficulty of generating income through fishing because the fishery production in the lake is decreasing because of illegal fishing by both local people and Vietnamese fishers with protection of corrupted local authorities.People are demanding for rights to patrolling and stopping illegal fishing and demand the authority to effectively stop those illegal fishing.
Yath Chanthou Cambodia Independent Civil-Servant Association (CICA), Battambang092264392 She is a teacher for more than 6 years. She has joint CICA since 2010 as vice-president in Battambang province because she saw the important of starting organizing and mobilizing civil-servants so that in the future there will be strong union of civil-servants. Teachers are facing a lot issues such as low wages, discrimination by the government when joining the association and no rights to form unions, etc.CICA is demanding for higher wages for teachers, rights to unions and law to protect teacher the rights to unions.
Southern Region Key Organizers at Sihanouk Ville 19-20 June 2013 (SHV, Koh Kong, Kampot, Takeo)


Mang Socheat Independent Democracy of Informal Economic Association (IDEA), Preah Sihanouk092743002 IDEA Kg. Som office is set up since 2009 and Socheat has served as President since then by election. IDEA is currently very active in organizing its members. IDEA is organizing campaign on Human Right day and International Labour Day every year in order to demand for rights of informal workers to generating income for livelihood. The main issues happening to IDEA members are Motor rental services, Free pick up services from/to guesthouse, members are not allowed to park in some areas, accident and facing with local traffic polices.IDEA is currently demanding for the cancellation of Motor rental services which caused a lot of issues because the foreigners who are renting the motor has no driving license and doesn’t understand the traffic law. Some renters have been caused to trouble when the motors have lost. IDEA is also demanding to stop Free Pick Up Serviced provided by guesthouses/hotels or bus companies.
Ek Vithean Spean Chheh community, Preah Sihanouk012227967 Mr. Vithean is one of the leader in Spean Chheh community which there are 107 families living there since 1991 on 16 hectares of land. The conflict was happening since 2007 when his Excellency Ngor Srun and Chumteav Phoeng Ravy has come and evicted people out of the land. It is land conflict with powerful people who are trying to evict people and get the land. People have struggles and submitted complaint against His Excellency and Chumteav to provincial office, MoI, MoJ, PM office, Ministry office and including Prime Minister house. As the result from the struggles, people have received empty promise many times.People are now demanding for the demarcation and land title before the election because they want real and practical solutions. No more empty promise!
Khat Vim Anlung Trey community, Preah Sihanouk0979129916 Mr. Vim is one of the community leaders in Anlung Trey community, Preah Sihanouk province which there are 157 families affected. Mr. Vim has become a land activist since 2005 when the conflict started. People are living here since 1993, 94 or 95 but then in 2005, Mr. Toek Gnuon who is a businessman came and claimed that he bought the land from soldiers and tried to evict people out of the land but people have refused to leave. Later on, on 16 Oct 2007, Mr. Toek Gnoun together with Khov Saly company, district and provincial authorities and polices have come evict people and demolish people’s houses. People then have submitted complaints to provincial court, PM office, National Assembly and many other ministries. From the struggle, people have just received empty promise without any practical solutions. The current struggle is to demand for land and people agree to relocate if the new relocation is not too far.
Nhel Pheap Farmer Association for Peace and Development (FAPD), Takeo089510903 Mr. Pheap has been actively involved in workers movement since 1999 until 2007. He used to join in 3 big confederations to organize and mobilize workers for better living condition. Later on, in 2010, he was elected as FAPD president in Takeo province. FAPD is working with farmers on 3 main focuses; human rights protection, advocacy and promoting farmers livelihood.
Taeng Kao Sugar Network for justice, Koh Kong092327793 Mr. Kao is a farmer in Koh Kong province. He has become a land activist since 2006 when 2 sugar companies owned by tycoon, Ly Yongphat came to clear people’s and evict them on 19 May 2006. There are 200 families in Koh Kong affected by the concession with 1364, 802 hectares of land (housing land and farming land). People has struggle many years putting complaints against the company to provincial court, National Assembly, MoAFF, EU, and even blocking the road. Until now, there is no practical solution and people are demanding for the land back from the company.
Tom Sam Art Cambodia Independent of Civil-Servants Association (CICA)Kampot province

012 280 203

Mr. Sam Art is a teacher in Kampot province since 1998 and joined CICA as member in 2007. Later on, in 2009, he was elected as CICA president in Kampot province. CICA Kampot currently has more than 200 members of teachers and government health officers at health centers. CICA members are facing livelihood issues because of very low salary. CICA is working to focus and demand for better social services such as education and health services and also for better salary for civil-servants.

Northern Region Key Organizer: 24-25 June 2013 at Siem Reap (Siem Reap, Kg. Thom, PHV, U. Mean Chey)


Phoeung Samed Independent Democracy of Informal Economic Association (IDEA), Siem Reap



IDEA Siem Reap was set up in 2006 with a huge campaign against the privatization of parking area. Mr. Samed is one of the founders of IDEA in Siem Reap and he was the secretariat since then until 2010.  Sameth has become the president of IDEA in Siem Reap province since 2010. So far, IDEA has organized many campaign for justice such as campaign against the policy which require informal workers to pay business fee, stop evacuation informal workers from hotels or guesthouses, campaign to decrease gas price, etc. IDEA has thousands of members of motor-dup drivers, Tuk-tuk drivers, street venders, etc. They are facing a lot of issues such as competition with private company and hotels, privatization, gas price, paying business fee, and many other issues affecting to their business for livelihood.  
Chhe Sambo Skun Community, Banteay Srey, Siem Reap



Sambo is a strong female land activist who mobilizes people to stand up and demand for their land. From 2008, people started advocating at every level; advocate to commune, district, provincial level. People even tried recently to block national road 6 in May 2013. As the result, authority has demarcated the land for people but not yet provided land certificates. Sambo and community has very little hope for this because they feel that the authority just demarcate for us so that people will stop advocating before election. Skun community is facing land conflict with authority who is trying to take their land since 2008. There are 117 families in Skun community who are affecting land grabbing by authority.  
Keo Sophy Tapaen Community, Banteay Srey, Siem Reap



She is a community leader and represents 90 families in Tapaen village who are facing land conflict with authority. The conflict is 183 hectares. Community has struggle for land since 2002 and get many times of empty promises from local authority and provincial governor without any practical solutions. The conflict started in 2002 when authority announces to take the land from the people keeping as National Park. But, then in 2003, people saw that​ Cassava and Acacia trees were planted. On 3 May 2010, people have advocated strongly and 14 people were arrested. Later on they were released.  
Smen Te Sugar Network for Justice, Uddor Mean Chey



??? Community people are affected by Ly Yongphat, Sugar companies. Ly Yongphat has granted land concession for sugar cane companies in 4 provinces; Koh Kong, U. Mean chey, Kg. Speu and Kg. Chnnang.  
Phal Sophea Cambodia Food Service Worker Federation (CFSWF), Siem Reap



Sophea is the president of CFSWF in Siem Reap since 2010 by election. CFSWF is a membership federation working with Massage and Karaoke workers, City Cleaners, waitress, beer promoters, and gas station workers. CFSWF is working and supporting members in solving their issues and demand for better life. CFSWF members are facing issues of low wages, no day off or holidays, rights and sexual abuse, health issues and violence by the employer and guess.

CFSWF is demanding for higher wages, better working condition, job and health security.

Sorm Reth Prey Lang, Sandan district, Kg. Thom



He is an old man who is so worried about the loss of the forest because he sees the important of the forest and his life and families have been depending on the forest for many years. He is very active in any campaign to protect Prey Lang and he is one of the core team members of Prey Lang Network. People around Prey Lang has advocated and patrolled for the protection. Later on, community people of the 4 provinces have organized and formed as Prey Lang network. Then, many national and international campaigns were happening to protect Prey Lang as protected area. Prey Lang is recognized as the biggest lowland forest in Southeast Asia located in 4 provinces in Cambodia; Kg. Thom, Krocheh, Stung Treng and Preah Vihear. Prey Lang is endanger because of illegal logging and economic land concessions to private company such as CRCK Vietnamese rubber plantation, Heng Saravuth companies and many other ELCs. Prey Lang network is currently advocating for Protected Area and rights to patrol and protect Prey Lang. People are also demanding for local authority to stop backing illegal loggers and actively involve and support people to stop illegal logging.  
Ros Lim Bankoeun Phal village, Rovieng, Preah Vihear


088 776 1079

Mr. Lim is Kui Indigenous and one of the community leaders in Rovieng district. He has been involving in community work for many years since mining company has started to destroy their livelihood. The main issues happening to the community is mining and forest destruction. Mining is affecting a lot not only to people’s land and occupation but also polluting water sources and farming production. Animals and fishes have died because of the chemical use for mining processing. Health is also a big issues caused by the pollution from mining.

The community is also facing another big issues causing by Try Pheap company who has received huge economic land concession for rubber plantation which is affecting to the protection area called Boeung Per. Try Pheap company has already cleared huge area of the forest and starting rubber planting and continue expanding their clearing and planting.